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California Bureau of Real Estate, License #01904009 • Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS), License #806124

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Mark and his team really pulled off a miracle for us. I will never go anywhere else, they go above and beyond. We are so happy with our purchase. They made the very stressful process go very smooth. They are the best!!! Tiffany V. of Westminister, CA


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Welcome to the United Loan Center! Are you looking to buy a home? Here you can use our online tools to learn more about home loans and find the best loan options to suit your needs and goals. You can explore our site without any obligation or disclosure of personal information, or if you want, you can even begin the application process online!

Mortgage Calculators

Monthly Payment

This mortgage tool will calculate your monthly payment based on the loan amount, interest rate, and term that you provide.

Extra Payment

This tool will allow you to see how much money you can save by increasing your monthly payment.

Fixed Rate vs. ARM

This tool allows you to compare the monthly payment for a Fixed Rage Mortgage and an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM).

Refinance Interest Savings

This tool calculates your interest savings based on refinancing your existing mortgage.

How Much Can I Afford?

By entering in your desired monthly payment, interest rate, and term, we can calculate the maximum loan amount you can afford. This calculation does not include any other fees that might be included with your mortgage payments.

Payment Schedule

This tool will calculate the breakdown of principal and interest payments for each year that you will be paying for the life of the loan. You can also view the monthly breakdowns.

Rent vs. Own

This tool will estimate the benefits of owning a home as opposed to renting.

15-Year vs. 30-Year Mortgage

This tool compares 15 year and 30 year mortgages based on the loan amount and interest rate that you provide.

Interest Only

This tool will calculate your monthly payment based on the loan amount, interest rate, and term that you provide.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Use this tool to get a sense of how much you may be able to borrow. Please note that Pre-qualification is different from a Pre-approval. Pre-qualification gives you an estimate of how much you may be able to borrow. Pre-approval, on the other hand, indicates that you have been approved for a set loan amount prior to property selection.

Call 1-800-895-1504 to speak to an experienced loan professional. We can help you find the lowest home interest rate today that can save you thousands.

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