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David Breault

I was privileged to work with David Breault. I would highly recommend him. Dave was amazing explaining everything. My process was smooth thanks to Dave, so glad we had a chance to meet and work together. Words cant describe how thank full we are with Dave.  by Elizabeth E. of Perris CA.

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Reviews for David Breault


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I was privileged to work with David Breault and United Loan center. I would highly recommend him. Dave was amazing explaining everything. My process was smooth thanks to Dave, so glad we had a chance to meet and work together. Words cant describe how thank full we are with Dave. Very attentive great customer service. Were sooo happy to have worked with DAVE Thank you Dave Breault!! by Elizabeth E. of Perris CA.

Dave Breault at United Loan Center was so friendly and helpful. He made a stressful experience into a stress-free and easy process. Thank you Dave for being so honest and hard-working, and getting us into our new home! by Michael B. of Temecula CA.

By far, the best lending company we got to work with.  Dave Breault went above and beyond our expectations and even hand delivered loan documents to ensure that we closed escrow on time.  

Before meeting Dave and being referred to the United Loan Center, we worked with 3 lenders.  The first wouldn't touch us until we went through his credit repair person and until we were at his standards.  He stopped returning phone calls and avoided us like the plague.  Turns out there were honest mistakes on our credit reports that we were able to fix ourselves and save ourselves from forking out hundreds of dollars to a not so reputable credit repair sham that still harasses me to this day.  

We then worked with a representative from our bank Chase.  This representative fault out lied to us and told us their institution offered ARMS and that he was very well experienced in VA loans.  Turned out both assertions were completely false.  He only admitted this after he ran our credit adding an unnecessary inquiry to our home buying nightmare.  

Then we met another lender who I won't name but completely lost my respect and my business.  Once I pointed out that this lender was messing up left and right, he stopped speaking to me and would only phone my husband.  I literally would call him and he'd text me back.  Then he'd call my husband and be all chatty-cathy.  I'd like to remind this lender that women did secure the right to vote and I'm an equal signer to this house that we were purchasing.  The only redeeming quality this lender had is he referred us to Dave and the United Loan Center in Murrieta.  Ironically even his referral was dishonest - he stated that while he was away on vacation that his colleague and co-worker would be handling our loan.  Turned out, Dave was from a completely different company - which we were very thankful for.  

Dave restored our faith and confidence in the mortgage lending industry.  He answered all my calls, addressed all our concerns, responded to calls/emails while he and his family were on vacation, and just was a SOLID and REPUTABLE mortgage broker.  Never have I meet someone more professional in this industry that Dave.  He has my vote of confidence and my wholehearted recommendation.  I have referred him to many of our friends who are facing the nightmares this industry can entangle you in.  

Dave protects his clients and seriously took so many punches for us so our life could be a little bit easier during God-forsaken escrow. Sure were there complications - absolutely - but Dave walked us through them like a Rocky Balboa CHAMP!  He held our hands and always went the extra mile.  

If Dave can't get you approved, no one can.  And I'm happy to report that our escrow closed August 1 and we are now first time married homeowners!  Dave and United Loan Center - thank you for making our dream of home ownership come true! by Kimberly D. of Fallbrook, CA.


Testimonials 2


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