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Quick Tips - Cheap Alternatives For International Travel

International Travel:

A company specializing in these types of tickets is Cheap Seats Travel located at

Couriers - Courier is a fancy name for cargo companies that buy airline tickets for the purpose of shipping time-sensitive items overseas. The item ships as "checked baggage" and therefore clears customs in a fraction of the time it would if shipped as cargo. The ticketed seat is then sold at a major discount. These companies offer a great savings (sometimes up to 85%) but work best for single travelers or those with a flexible schedule.

The downside to courier flights is threefold. For starters, many companies require membership, charging anywhere from $20-$50 dollars a year. Second, the ticket is usually carved in stone in terms of times and dates. And lastly, expect to work for your discount. There are usually stipulations like early arrival to the airport and a baggage limit attached to the ticket. Courier departures are also relegated to major cities.

An other company that offer space-available flights is Air-tech located at Space-Available Flights - Instead of selling tickets, these companies sell flight vouchers guaranteeing you a flight between two regions and taking place within a time period you specify. Think of this method as flying stand-by with somewhat of a guarantee.

The downside here is the inability to specify a departing or arriving airport, as well as the possibility of waiting at an airport for a seat to open up. Once again, this method only works if you are extremely flexible with your schedule.

 These options may not be the answer to your travel needs, but they make a great first stop (pun intended).

We all know that international travel can be very expensive, but here are a few alternatives you may not know about. Consolidators - A consolidator is nothing more than a company which purchases large quantities of unsold airline tickets and passes the savings on to the customer. It is one of the more popular means of finding a cheap domestic or international flight. These companies are fairly ubiquitous and usually only a Google search away.

The downside to consolidators is the rigidity of the ticket(s). Most of the time, the ticket you purchase cannot be returned, changed, or exchanged. Receiving any frequent flyer miles may also be out of the question.

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