Quick Tips - Buy Household Products Online

eBay® is a perfect example:

On this website, the economic theory of supply and demand is played out on a daily basis as consumers bid against each other to purchase an array of products. In many cases, items once thought to be rare collectibles are now readily available from a variety of sellers. This is good news for buyers, who are able to obtain these items at lower prices. Sellers, on the other hand, are finding themselves with a lower profit margin than they originally anticipated.

The eBay principle can be applied to other websites as well. Someone is always willing to either do it or sell it cheaper than the next guy. So, in the spirit of consumerism, here are 5 websites where you can buy household items - necessities if you will - for a lower price than you can find in any store:

123inkjets.com - This is a wonderful website that sells everything from printer ink to CD-Rs and does it at a fraction of the price you'll find in office supply stores.

1800contacts.com - Who'd have thought that we'd ever be able to buy contacts online? Not only is it cheaper, this site even ships for free!

vitaminworld.com - This company advertises savings on over 6000 vitamins, diet supplements, and skin care products. Most of the products are in stock, and orders usually ship the same day.

batteryjunction.com - Batteries are such an expensive item to buy in stores. Use this site, and you'll save money and time. They sell every type of battery under the sun, so it's literally one-stop shopping.

valleyvet.com - Valley Vet Supply is a small company out of Kansas that offers great savings on a myriad of pet products. This company also ships many items for free. If that's not enough, residents outside of Kansas pay no sales tax!

These are just five examples of the great savings you can find online. Whatever your shopping needs may be, I would suggest making the world wide web your first stop.

Since its inception, the Internet has caused a fair share of controversy. Some people see it as a valuable tool while others consider it the devil's playground. Wherever you stand, one thing is certain - it has changed our idea of commerce forever.

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