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Quick Tips - Quieting Your Critic

How Can I? …  

Here's a list of critical thoughts and their positive replacements. I hope these help to prime your mind for money-making thoughts.

As open-ended thinking becomes more natural for you, you'll also find yourself better able to help clients who have critical objections. Plus, the difference in this kind of thinking is tremendous. If you aren't already quieting your critic, you'll find that these suggestions bring excitement into your daily life.

Consider writing out this list, and adding to it when you discover new negative thoughts. Invent positive replacements, and write those down, too. Review the list frequently, and practice!

Robert Kiyosaki's bestseller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad,* has helped millions to create roadmaps to their financial goals. Central to his series is the notion of open-mindedness. Instead of sizing up a situation and saying, "I can't afford that," he suggests saying, "How can I afford that?" By reshaping the idea into an open-ended question, creativity is stimulated, which leads to inspiration.

Open Your Mind To Wealth

We can't afford it.

That's too expensive.

I don't have enough money.

I'll never be able to afford that.

That's a waste of money.

It's too late to get started.

I'm not good with numbers or investing.

It's too risky.

I really want to get that!

How can we afford it?
Where can I get that for less?

How can I make more money?

When will I be able to afford that?

How can I make that productive?

How can we let another day go by?

Where can I learn more?

What could reduce the risk?

Do I really need that?