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Quick Tips - The Mindset Of A Superstar

Get Inspired - Get Ready - The Get To WORK!:  

The Ultimate Goal.
Remember the movie
City Slickers? What is your "one thing?" The one thing you want to truly make your life feel complete. "Too many people", Brett says, "go through life with a notion of what they want, without ever figuring out exactly what they want." Do you want to retire in a beachfront estate? Create a happy family? End world hunger?

The Strategy.
Once people know what they want, they need to map out how to get there. How will they position themselves to where they can reach their goal? If you don't yet have your map, look to others who have achieved what you want. Offer to buy them lunch so you can pick their brains. Create a map rather than just wandering around, hoping to stumble onto your dreams one day.

The Timeline.
When will you achieve your goal? What do you need to get there? When must you reach specific sub-goals in order to reach your final goal? Brett points out that if a person sets aside just one hour a day for their personal goal, they will have spent
nine 40-hour weeks working on it by the end of the year!

If you don't already have these three components defined in your life, I recommend taking some time to do so when you're away from work. Check out some self-help books from the library, or buy a highly-rated one at Get inspired, get ready, then g
et to work!

Brett Figueroa is a personal success coach who worked under Tony Robbins for 6 years, and is now the owner of Momentum Strategies in Denver, Colorado. Brett says that there are three primary factors that put someone at the top of their game.

Three Steps To Success