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Quick Tips - It’s Fun For The Whole Family

Fun In The Kitchen:

Our frantic schedules have already led to a significant decrease in the number of family dinners we're able to enjoy. Here's a way that we can create a home-cooked meal and quality family time as well.

This activity instills positive values. Chores not only teach kids about social responsibility, they also promote the idea of making a contribution. The best part is that you're able to take part in the process, unlike when they're cleaning their room or taking out the trash.

You're teaching your kids a practical and marketable skill. You never know, you may have the next Wolfgang Puck on your hands! Besides, can you imagine how grateful they'll be when they're out on their own and trying to cook for themselves?

Cooking teaches kids to take pride in what they eat as well as the importance of nutrition and health. As a nation, we need to be sure that we're making proper choices when it comes to our dietary habits. According to the National Institute of Health, childhood obesity is at an epidemic level. One in every five children is overweight due to poor eating habits.

Preparing meals with your children will leave lasting memories. A mid-week dinner may not excite them as much as the new Xbox, but wait until they're all grown up. That's when you'll see the lasting effect of your efforts.

Here are some suggestions to help you get started cooking as a family:

  1. Make sure that the tasks assigned are age-appropriate.
  2. Supervise your children at all times, especially when handling knives or anything hot.
  3. Concentrate on giving them duties that are fun (i.e. rolling meatballs, mixing meatloaf,
    making hamburger patties, etc.).
  4. Give your kids a sense of autonomy by providing them with their own cutting boards and select equipment.
    Many kitchen stores sell plastic (kid-safe) knives, perfect for cutting lettuce and softer vegetables.
  5. Let your kids set the menu. If you have multiple children, let them take turns.
  6. Teach as you go. Explain everything you do and why you are doing it.

If you would like to obtain some kid-friendly recipes, visit the Food Network's website at: While you're cooking, remember to have fun, too! They'll be grown up before you know it.

Have you ever cooked dinner with the help of your children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, as the case may be? You've probably asked them to set the table or help with clearing and washing the dishes.

What about the actual preparation of a sit-down meal? Have they ever participated as assistant chefs? While this may seem like a minor activity, cooking with your kids could have many more benefits than you may realize!

Cooking With Kids